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Hi dear lemur catta fanatics!


This is the English part of the German lemur - homepage www.kattas.de.

It´s a site only about one animal-species, - the most famous lemur:

the " lemur catta"(lat.), in English called "ringtailed lemur", in German:" Katta".

We, the makers of this site, guess that there is nobody who will not be fascinated by these charming animals.

That´s why we collected all kind of informations about these adorable lemurs.

We were looking for hours and hours through libraries, books and the internet to get everything interesting from stupid stuff to serious scientific.

And we were making some photos of the training that we do with the 6 lemurs in a German zoo in the North of Germany.

By the way you will find some photos of a hand-rearing of a ringtail-baby here in the zoo.

So here is all the stuff, that we would enjoy to share with all lemur-lovers of the whole world.

We hope you`ll enjoy,

so ...follow the lemur!

All photos are made by ourselves and are protected.


disclaimer: we were carefully controlling all links, but we are not responsable for the content of external links.