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Here we show some nice examples of art, dealing with the ringtailed-lemur : different kinds of paintings, originals and prints,graffiti at the Berlin train-station, mosaic and a lemur-stamp.

We start with a link to an art-competition of the ebsq online art gallery : lemur exhibition you will find some really nice artworks with the theme : lemurs . You have even got the possibility to send them as an e-card!

Kevin HAYLER from UK presents 2 wonderful lemur-prints in his e-bay-shop.


Another e-bay-shop by Stephen Walton is selling beautiful lemur prints: Animal-Arts-Wildlife-Prints_lemur

Under this link, at the top of this site and under the navigation-buttons are shown drawings by Frank Wempe. These prints are from his Website PortaiTiere. A visit at his page is very interesting. All his drawings can be used free for private, uncommercial use.

here is the link:PortraiTiere

Frank Wempe

lemur catta

This oil-painting, title: "lemur catta" is sold via internet at Auktionshaus Kunstdepot.24.de ,Berlin. It is a original painting that is reproduced several times by different artists. That is why the painting looks like a little different in some details every time.There is another oil-painting, title "Lemuren" at the e-bay-shop, here is the link:KunstDepot24_lemuren

Another seller on e-bay is"Phoenixblick Tierpotrtaits" with charcoal-drawings of lemurs. They are sold with the titles "Kunstdruck Katta - Affen - Halbaffen - Lemuren" and "Kunstdruck Katta 2 - Affen - Halbaffen - Lemuren" .here is the link of the e-bay-shop:Phoenixblick-Tierportraits

Here is something, you can´t buy. It is a Graffiti at the Berlin - Zoo - trainstation, Germany

seen at the Bahnhof-Zoo in Berlin, probably as an advertising for the 200 m far away Zoo Berlin.



and here in detail again


This is a pastell-painting from Nicole Hachtel, her site: www.art4feeling.de
here a lemur-mosaic, made completely from marble,60x80 cm, is offered under nr. AN 541 from Mosaicmarble.com direct for $176.00 plus shipping. link: www.marble.com
Or buy it via e-bay.com - shop, link: e-bay ringtail mosaic
MC companie/ USA offers a lemur-necklace, e-bay.com - shop, link: MC-Companies_lemur_

This is a rubber-stamp with a lemur-mother and a baby-lemur at the back, made and solf from USA,e-bay-shop: RubberHedgehog Rubber Stamps

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